1932 Born in Athens.
1944 Injured by a German hand-grenade whilst carrying out a mission, loses both hands and one eye and his body is riddle with shrapnel.
1944 Hospitalized at the Evangelismos Hospital for three months.
1945 Finishes elementary school at the Near East Foundation.
1946-1950 Studies at the Athens Commercial Employees' Night School.
1947 Meets Spires Vikatos and receives his first lessons in art.
1947-1956 Works for the Royal Provident Foundation.
1948 Continues art lessons with Constantinos Parthenis.
1950 Takes art lessons with Omvertos Arghyros.
1951 Following examinations, starts a course in art in the Preparatory Section of the School of Fine Arts under Yannis Morails.
1952 Enrolls at the College of Civil Engineering, from which he graduates in 1956.
1953    Following examinations, is admitted to the School's workshops, where his teacher was Andreas Georgiadis (Kritas)
1953 Invited by the Greek community of Berne to give a series of exhibitions.
1955 Continues his studies at the School's workshop, with Spyros Papaloukas as his teacher, until 1959, when he graduates.
During these years is associated with: Yorgos Moughios, Christophoros Natsios,YannisTsarouchis, Yorgos Lyris,
Yorgos Moschos, EpameinondasThomopoulos, Stratis Myrivllis,and Spyros Vikatos.
1957 Works as supervising deputy civil engineer at the Mortgage Bank, under the architects Mr Metaxas and MrsTsakonas.
1958 Engaged by the Municipality of Athens, seconded to the National Gallery, where he works under Spyros Papaloukas.
1963 Invited by the President of U.S.A. John F. Kennedy to give a series of exhibitions in America.
1967 Represents Greece at the EXPO '67 international exhibition in Montreal, Canada.
1970 After 12 years of service, is dismissed by the Municipality of Athens as unfit for work (!).
1970 Marries Anastasia Georgopoulou, by whom he has three daughters..
1980 In parallel with his exhibitions, embarks on a crusade for the rehabilitation of individuals with special needs
by the setting up of special premises for accommodation and employment. This crusade continues with
undiminished dedication today.
2007 Nominated Ambassador of Hellenism 2007 by the Prefecrure of Athens