Journalist, Communications Expert, Art Critic

Manuscript of an address delivered at the opening of an exhibition of the artist's works, on 1st March 1999, at the "Parnassos", Athens. 
  On the works of Sophocles Christou.
Sophocles Christou, peerless in his handling of the pencil, charcoal, and the pen and with a profound knowledge of the secrets of ink, Indian ink, paper,
color values, light, simplicity, naturalness, strict proportions, organized scenes and compositions, representational art and the basic rules of the correlation of
design, mass and colour, necessary prerequisites for the harmonization of the scenes and composition with a specific space, seeks after everyday
communication with the world out of doors and renders his visions with an amplitude of precision.

Courteous and cheerful, modest and with high moral standards as a human being, mercurial and enthusiastic as an artist and imbued with an awareness
of his responsibility towards art, Sophocles Christou works - with incomparable success - in portraiture, nudes, landscape, seascape, still life, the portrayal
of flowers, scenes from the day and night life of cities, villages, the countryside and the sea, scenes and compositions from Holy Scripture, traditional locations
and settlements, and the monuments of ancient Greece.

In his art, which is of a pure lyrical quality, Sophocles Christou achieves a power of expression which is replete with joy, rhythm, and the elegance of
the straight and undulating line and the brilliance of decorative colour - the chief characteristics of his art - and through his works, veritable masterpieces of
his full artistic maturity, reveals the new spirit of quest which renews the approach of human beings, because he attempts a new, immediate physical
experience in every aspect of existence, retains the movement of figures in the landscape, and devises a cosmos which, though without dramatic expression,
but full of a painful awareness of its bounds, he sets as his ideal.

An artist with interweaving tendencies towards abstraction and intention, a devotee, upholder and champion of the pure form of objects and of
academic, realistic aesthetics, Sophocles Christou attaches particular importance to the rendering of atmospheric colors, without this meaning that he is
indifferent to the attraction of the naturalistic trend; he possesses sincerity, conscientiousness and clarity of vision and a repertoire which, pursuing its quests
to the four points of the compass, reveals an artist who 'has arrived', an established artist, an artist of sensibility and with a boundless knowledge of colour
values and the capability of producing a work of sublime technique and quality.

Sophocles Christou, a master of small, medium-size and large organized compositions and scenes, belongs to a generation of creative artists who
respect tradition and by the technique of the elaboration of figures render objects in their natural condition, in a faithful rendering of them, and are far-
removed from artistic movements and schools of art, because they have the innate power of creation of their own artistic movement, their own artistic range
of a personal artistic style, of their own school of art, capable of winning the recognition, the support and the love of the art-lover and the public at large.

The works of Sophocles Christou, produced with infinite care and fine workmanship, arc marked by their first-class style, are addresses to the
general public and stir the emotions, to a remarkable degree, not only of that general public, but of the most demanding and difficult of art-lovers and

Sophocles Christou undoubtedly occupies a special place among Creek and non-Greek artists.
He is established in the Greek and world-wide history of art.